Sunday, 26 July 2009

Preparing for coring

One week prior to the excavation the JurAlpe project (a group of environmental scientists and archaeologists who collaborate in aspects of French Alpine research) went up to Serre de l'Homme. Fabien Arnaud and his team from the CNRS laboratory, Environnement, Dynamiques et Territoire de la Montagne (Université de Savoie) took a core using their "percussion coring system". Luckilly, a helicopter took the boat and the coring equipement up to site, but we had to carry everything, inlcuding the cores, down...
Two cores were taken, and teams from three different laboratories will study the botanical, chemical and physcial elements from the cores.
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  1. "Congratulations on a successful excavation of this site yet even though the many photos in this blog, there is not one artifact found or at least photographed which leads me to think you discovered only chemical traces...correct?